Peace and Noodles

I am eating crispy chicken and rice.  Nom!  I am also feeling cool and looking dang good.  What a great day.  

I hope you are all having a great day too and are keeping yourselves safe and sound.  Wash your hands, wear those masks and look after the people around you.  


Outfit:  GGVG - AMAYA jacket and latex pant (SWANK)

Jewellery:  Luminesse - Razvania Charmion Set OP (SWANK)

Pose:  [Empowered] - Yoko Poses (60L Weekend)

Glasses:  [Z O O M] - Dio'ho Glasses (60L Weekend)

Hair:  ::C'est la vie !:: - Aurelie Hair [Blonde] 

Sim:  Souls of Dreams


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