Rocking and Swinging

 If it is rocking, don't come a knocking, and if it is swinging, you may hear me singing.  Okay, that was bad, but the chairs are not bad.  In fact, they are awesome!  

These furniture items are from Serenity Style, but are two different sets.  Anoka Swing Bench was at the UNiK event, but is now back in the mainstore.  The Alabama Rocking Chairs are at Uber and I showed the gift that goes with these chairs in this post here.

Also in this photo are the Trees in Flowerpatches are from EED, the Lemon Trees and Wildflower Meadow are from LOVE, the Upcycled Vintage Sewing Machine Garden Planter w/ Rose and Upcycled Wooden Drawer Garden Planter w/ Poppies v2 are from Munick. Lastly in the background is Sway's [Ivo] Log Wall.


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