Welcome to Fall


Welcome to fall.  Welcome to my house.  Welcome to a new day.  All of these work with this scene. I am hoping this is making you feel greeted and embraced wherever you are.  

I see the cats are feeling very welcome and appreciated.  They have spots to sleep and groom and that is all they require.  Shhh!  Don't wake them.  

Serenity Style - Back to Home Set (Equal 10), Willow Fabric Pumpkins Gacha  (Salem)

GOOSE - Old room divider GREEN

{what next} - Copper Fall Sign (w/lights), Harvest Wheat Vase,  I Love Fall Blocks (mantle size)

ACORN - Dried Billy Buttons Jug -Autumn

Atelier Burgundy - Abstract Canvas (texture change)

BUENO - Fall Rug Stripes

dust bunny - cider sunsets - sweater weather, tiered hanging baskets 

[Fetch] - Peg Hooks w/ Tote

Image Essentials - Full Perm Mesh Cats (store closed)

La Galleria - Pottery Urn w sticks 

[Merak] - Truck Figurine RARE

Mithral * Trellis Philodendron (Lime)

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