It is officially Halloween month, so now I can go all Halloweeny with reckless abandon.  Gird your loins readers!  Of course, I will try and mix it up so you don't all go elsewhere for your fashion, accessories, and home & garden items.  I will try not to go full-on macabre.  I will resist.

Or will I?...

To be continued*

* Not really.  It  will just be another post tomorrow.

Sweater:  "Freda" - Olga Oversized Sweat Black Orange (Boo Bunny Hunt 9)

Bat:  ::After Midnight Fashion::- Pumpkin Bat Pet (Boo Bunny Hunt 9)

Hair:  .Olive. - the Cinnamon Hair (Saturday Sale)

Jewellery:  Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Monterey Boho Collection - LA

Sneakers:  Semller - Worn Canvas Hi Tops Tape Edt Black

Jeans:  MOoH! - Shredded Jeans 

Pose:  Le Poppycock - *Fo Shizzle* Pack B

Sim:  Small Town Green

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