Cooler Nights

Winter in SL is rapidly approaching and so I am enjoying the last vestiges of autumn with the stunning colours and decor.  I am also showing you some more of the amazing items available at SWANK before all of the fall colours turn to reds, whites and greens ready for Christmas.  

In fact, after I finish this post I am turning my platform to a snowy scene so I can get my Best of SL article and photos finished.  That means I have to find Christmas items in November.  Wish me luck!


Mindgardens Creations - Round Hanging Swing - Autumn (PG)

Simple Reflections - smores leaf firepit 

[Park Place] - Autumn Country - Haybale, Pallet Bed, Lanterns, Rock, Trees, Wood Pallet, Animated Squirrel, Apple Basket

CJ Creations - Farm Wooden Straw Cart for Single-Couple + Props, Marigold Field


GOOSE - old covered bridge

Little Branch - Loblolly Pine Tree.v2{Animated}4 Seasons (Uber)


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