It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

 I am slowly getting into the Christmas spirit and SL is helping a lot with that.  It is fun putting up all the decorations and decor in the snow.  It makes me feel quite jolly and I may have started whistling Christmas songs while I do it.  That is probably quite annoying for others in my household, but if they say anything I will just yell, "Grinch!" at them and carry on. Bah humbug to them.

Decor Junction & Shutter Field - Winter Sled - Rustic, Winter Lantern - silver (Tannenbaum)

{what next} - Jolly Snowman (50L Friday)

CHEZ MOI - Inflatable Singing Reindeer, Inflatable Gingerbread Cookie (Cosmopolitan)

Serenity Style - Old Gifts Wagon (The Liaison Collaborative)

Little Branch - Douglas Fir Tree {Animated}*4Seasons (The Liaison Collaborative)

MOoH! - Snowy fence wt lights 3LI RARE

22769 - Scandinavian Cabin - RARE (The Arcade)

RFL Christmas Expo:

Lunaria. - Swirling Pond

Lunaria. - Birch Glimmer Dreams Tree

Enchanted Memories & Weddings - Old Red Christmas Truck


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