My Clowder

This is the perfect place for me today:  hanging with my clowder of cats.  They may look like a ragtag bunch but they are just my bunch of floofs and softies at heart.

We are all masking up today to be safe and because we care about the other cats in our neighbourhood.  No one gets COVID on our watch.  You will notice that Claude down the end there does not have his mask on yet, but he is also being seen to by Mitsy and will soon be safe and sensible!

No need to mask up when you go shopping in SL, but make sure you are doing your bit and masking up in RL.

Jacket and Top:  Meva - Biker Jacket (IBTC Event)

Pants:  Meva - Jenia Pants

Necklace:  Meva - Lyric Necklace

Boots:  Meva - Kaylee Boots

Hair:  Opale . - Viviane Hair [Blond]

Mask:  MOoH! - Cat facemask 

Pose:  FOXCITY. - Neko Bento Pose Set 

Sim:  Tralala's Diner, Pine Lake


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