Easy Being Green

In this scene it easy being green.  So easy in fact that it all just came together like a jigsaw.  It is so simple when you have great items to put together and show.

I love green and this spot looks like the perfect place to chill out.  I am wondering what is in those glasses...

Simple Reflections - Cobblestone Patio with Blue Eyed Grass Bed PG (SWANK)

[Park Place] - Daria Spring Green Ottoman, Potted Hibiscus - White, Climbing Roses  Planter, Iced Tea Tray (SWANK)

Swank & Co. - Succulent Multi Color Water Lights Fountain Stone (SWANK)

Little Branch - HazelNutTree.v1{Animated}*4Seasons (ManCave)

Apple Fall - Kent Wall Set 


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