Late Night

I am on the late night train home.  I am having one more drink for the road...or rails.  Actually, where am I?  Should I have got off 2 stops ago.  Meh, who cares?  I am enjoying myself and I don't have to socially distance from anyone.  In fact, where did everyone go?

Maybe they have gone shopping.  You know, you should too.

Dress:  Meva - Alexandra Dress (Kinky)

Eyepatch:  Wicca's Originals - Arden Eyepatch (Kinky)

Pose:  heart poses - Hot Summer's Night - female pose set 

Hair:  TRUTH - VIP Blush (VIP Gift)

Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - BODY 2020 ASTER skin applier CARAMEL 

Background:  TROPIX // Terror on the train [w/o  blood]


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