Places to Sit

Today I am having trouble deciding where to sit.  Do I sit in the gazebo in the shade?  Do I sit up in the treehouse or do I enjoy the comfy seat on the grass?  Maybe I could go full Goldilocks and give them all a go for a period of time.

I just need to go and grab a drink and some snacks.  Hmm, and I might need a book and my phone.  I am prepping for some chilling.

MindGardens - Forest Gazebo - Sherwood v4, Herbal Flowers,  (SWANK)

Simple Reflections -  Thick Short Grass with PG Animations (SWANK)

CHEZ MOI * - Capannone Garden (Deco(c)rate)

Little Branch - Linden Green Spire Tree{Animated}4Seasons (The Mens Dept)

Sources - QEFLO relax 

KraftWork - Wicker Beanbag PG

Atelier Burgundy - Privacy Panel - horizontal cedar


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