New Home

This lovely new home is a brand new item from Decor Junction and Shutter Field.  It is a combined effort and is their first house.  Doesn't it look great?

The Kelly Cottage comes in three colours.  This is Rustic.  The other two colours are Shabby and White.  It also comes with the steps for front and back, and this cool deck that you can put anywhere.  Go and have a look for yourself at Cosmopolitan.

The cool fencing system is from GOOSE.  The City Garden Wall Modular Build Pack is also at Cosmopolitan and you can use the pieces however you want.  It also comes in shorter wall pieces.  I love the seating parts!

Thaino Designs - Exclusive Items April (SWANK)

Little Branch - Linden Green Spire Tree{Animated}4Seasons 

Little Branch - Pomegranate Tree.v2{Animated}4Seasons (UBER)

Apple Fall - Blake Adirondack Chair - Aged Oak

KraftWork - Wicker Beanbag


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