Sleep to Rest

It is time for sleep.  Time to rest the body and mind.  This bedroom looks like just the place to do that.  It has all the right elements:  a comfy bed, books to read, a chair to enjoy the view and windows to let in the light.  

It even has inspirational words on the wall.  I am set to let my body slip into the dream world.

You need to run to SWANK before it closes.  All of the items shown today are from SWANK and they all need to be seen to be enjoyed.  Go and visit the SWANK venue!

Dreamland Designs - Amailia Bedroom Set 

[Park Place] - Bremerton - Charcoal Accent Chair,  Walnut Wall Mirror Set, Decor - White Marble Elephant, Artwork - "Mind Games" 

[Harshlands] - Glam Carpet


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