Rub a Dub Dub


Bath time for this girl.  I am creating a place of ambient beauty so that I can luxuriate in peace and tranquility.  Check out how nice this is.  Imagine sinking into the bubbly hot water with a glass of wine or even a coffee.  Depends on your mood.  Is it bad that I would want snacks?

I would try and get crumbless snacks, but no promises.  The tummy wants what it wants.

GOOSE - Old Bathtub corner (Cosmopolitan

[Merak] - Enchanted Room Divider (w/o curtains) 

CHEZ MOI - Terra Plant Vase, Yucca Plant, Plant Vase 1

22769 - Calathea Plant 

Scarlet Creative - St Paul 2021

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