Dead Wrong

This does not look like a fun place to hang out to be fair.  I am quite upset that it has appeared in my back yard and that I was the one that put it there.  These guys are bringing down the house prices in the area.  

But how awesome are they?  I love all the skeletons and gravestones.  There are more items in the set that I couldn't find room for in the picture.  I love MOoH!'s Halloween items.  I still have my skeleton set from years back!  They are also in my back yard.

MOoH! - Creepy grave decor fatpack (Hallow Manor)

MOoH! - Cow Plushie - Black (Group Gift - also version you can hold)

Serenity Style - Funeral Horse Hearse Carriage, Creepy Coffin [Mystery Reward] (Satan Inc)

Serenity Style - Molly the pumpkin killer

[Bad Unicorn] - Pumpkin Cart


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