Get Your Pumpkins!

Come and get your pumpkins!  Big pulpy sit on.  Yeps, we are sitting on the pumpkins and there is no fairy godmother to be seen. Mind you, I am no Cinderella either.

If you don't want to sip a sangria on a pumpkin seat you can always adjourn to the porch and sit there in the shade.  You can even have a mimosa or mojito if you would prefer.

Whatever you do, enjoy sitting here.'t do that.  Go get your own sets!

GOOSE - Pumpkin fall set (Cosmopolitan)

Serenity Style- Bless Our Nest Set (Cosmopolitan)

CHEZ MOI - Drink Tower 

Hayabusa Design - Acer Sengo, Peach Tree,  Acacia Tree


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