Give Me the Candy

I am ready to go trick or treating.  I have my pumpkin bucket and my first lollipop.  I have my costume at home ready to be worn, and I have my mace...just in case.  I just don't like zombies!  I really don't.

However, I do love, love, looove this outfit from MEVA.  Yes, I do!  It is the Alvara Set and comes with the top, skirt, belt, gloves and boots.  That makes shopping easy.  All in one!  You can skip off to Cosmopolitan for this amazing look.

The hat and hair, would you believe, are not part of the set.  The hat just happened to go with the tartan look. The Rose Marie hat/hair are from MINA.

Pose:  heart poses :: halloween treat (The Liaison Collaborative)

Makeup:  dewyPLUSH // OBSCURUM Makeup Set (Thirsty Event)

Necklace:  [Ari-Pari] Gothic Necklace - Steel (Mad Circus)

Sim:  Nelipot


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