I Am the Treat

There are no tricks here.  I am the treat.  My sparkling wit and personality are all the treat you need.  I also tell good jokes and can juggle.*

The other treat is the outfit I am wearing and the cool pose and backdrop.  

Shirt:  Vulnus - Timor Shirt (SWANK)

Skirt:  Vulnus - Timor Skirt + Dicitur Stockings and Shoes (SWANK)

Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - BODY 2020 ALRUNA bom skin CARAMEL (Group Gift)

Pose:  {NanTra} - Trick or Treat

Hair:  Navy+Copper - Bryony - Ponytail (Happy Weekend)

Scar:  THIS IS WRONG - Slash makeup 3D (Happy Weekend)

Cat and Pillow: [CIRCA] - "Witches' Brew" Cat Familiar Pillow - Mystic Royal (Trick or Treat)

Stormlights:  22769 - Stormlight Broom, Stormlight Pumpkin (The Arcade)

Pumpkins:  22769 - Birdcage Pumpkins (The Arcade)

Backdrop:  Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Gothic Castle

* The juggling was a lie. 



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