Who Do That Voodoo Like You Do?

Oh no, we gotta go, down to New Orleans 
Where that VooDoo girl with long dark hair can serve up a remedy 
She's got powers in her potions, she's got all a man could need 
But I fear the way she heals, just might be the death of me
Alexander Ruwe

Hanging out in a swamp today.  Friend said I might have overdone the makeup a bit today, but I am feeling fine and I have my little dolly friend with me!

I wore this outfit to a Halloween party last night and had soooo many positive comments.  Loving it.

Outfit, Makeup, Tattoos and Doll:  SKBW - Voodoo Queen  (SWANK)

Pose:  Adorkable Poses:  Sweet Revenge (Store no longer exists...sad)


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