Winter Oasis

It may not be warm, but it is super pretty and would be a lovely place to sleep as long as you don't mind the elements.  I am supposing this is more of a summer pergola, but currently my land is being winterised so it had to sit in a snowy environment today.  That just shows you can use it in any season!

I am in love with all the winter items hitting the shops and events so will try to show you as many as possible over the next few weeks.

Decor Junction - *Pergola With Curtains

CHEZ MOI - Luxury Bedroom Set (Equal10)

LouChara - Winter Patio Set

Serenity Style - Star Wooden Path Brown  [bulbs]

FINCA - Christmas tree green / lights

Sparrows Nest  - Autumn decor  candles and twigs

Pitaya - Cellar Bottle Arrangement 01 


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