Bath and Beyond


There are no beds in this photo (unless you sleep in the bath) so we would only go with bath and beyond.  It does not have quite the same ring to it, although sometimes baths can get a ring to them.  See what I did there?  

Well, bad jokes aside, this set is a stunner.  It is from CHEZ MOI and is at Collabor88 until December 6th.

The bathroom is fully interactive and comes with bathtub animations and shower animations for the boys and girls, as well as animations for boys and girls at the same time.  Guess it saves on water.

The vanity sink also has animations for males and females and for those in love, and the toilet has 8 animations and the flush even has sound effects!

Other Credits:

{Your Dreams} -  Rubber ducks

{what next} - Tintable -  Sheer Curtains (lights)

Mithral * Humidifier Plant Shelf (Natural)

Muniick - Houseplant No10 Owl Eye, Handcrafted Stool - Side Table

~BAZAR~ Maldives - Toilet paper

Trompe Loeil - Colden Log Cabin (Uber)

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