I am a sucker for cheesecake.  I think it is my most favourite of all foods.  Normally I like savoury things unless there is cheesecake on offer.  Baked or non-baked, I don't care.  My favourite flavour is lemon the way my mum makes it.  So good. 

But, I digress.  There is cheesecake in this photo, but there is also a lot besides.  I will try not to keep staring at the cheesecake.

Mmmm, cheesecake...

CHEZ MOI - Ellis Set 

LouChara - Heyworth Gossip Bench

Serenity Style - Alice Secretaire, (The Liaison Collaborative) The World is Yours--Wall Art

{what next} - Bailey Rug #3 (Store Release), Cherry & Chocolate Cheesecake and Slice (Group Gift)

Muniick - Adler Antique Entryway v2- Complete Set 

22769 - Floral Wall Art

.:Tm:.Creation - [v2 Ficus benjamina] Pot Plant Shabby Pot Plant 

Nutmeg. - Orchard Treat

Nievla - Burack Potted Plant, Burack Clock, Burack Print

Apple Fall - Oxford Wingback Chair


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