I am enjoying this scene today.  It is kinda magical.  I feel like I am on a movie set.  That is a dream of mine.  I would love to be on a movie set.  I am, sadly, not pretty enough to act, but I could be an extra or make the coffee or something.  One day, maybe.

I am pretending I am on a movie set today.  I am in a dream sequence of some kind or a dream within a dream.  Love those ones.

Outfit:  Sascha's Designs - Brachen White Black Outfit (SWANK)

Eyes:  Az... - Reel Eyes (SWANK)

Jewellery:  [Heartsdale Jewellery] - Met Gala (SWANK)

Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - BODY 2020 LEENA bom skin CARAMEL (The Darkness Event)

Hair:  Sintiklia - Hair Titania - Classy

Sim:  Lost Town


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