Why Would You Go?

I know the sign says, 'Coffee to go', but why would you when you could sit here among the flowers and butterflies, drink coffee and eat pastries?  No reason to go.. Sit awhile and relax your breathing. Let the fresh air and sunshine relax you will the coffee stimulates the senses.  

Oh great, now I just want to sit here all day too.  I could you know. 

Barista!  Trim flat white coffee thank you.  No sugar.

.:Tm:.Creation - [The Poppies] Rocks Flowers Nature Scene GM54 (SWANK)

Serenity Style - Coffee to Go Set - Caravan, Coffee Maker, Sign, Glass, and Glass with Lid (Uber)

Serenity Style - Crazy Trash Can [green] (FUN by Seraphim)

[CIRCA] - "AZIZA" Bowl Vase - Yarrow - Mineral Ceramic,  Japonica Plant -Umber Ceramic, Coffee Plant - Olive Ceramic (Secret Sale Sunday)

[CIRCA] - "AZIZA" - Wall Plant Basket - Hanging Set - BR (EBENTO Weekend Sale Item)

{Why Not?} - Braeleny Garden Table Set Green


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