I love places like this in SL.  I feel like I am stepping into a dream or a beautiful land from a book like Narnia.  Yes, Narnia is my happy place.  Not when the White Witch was in charge.  Later on when she is gone. You know, The Last Battle ending kind of place.


I am actually in Luane's new place.  It is called Le Monde Perdu - Spring 2022 and is, as always, gorgeous!  Loads of pic-worthy places to enjoy.

Dress:  JUMO Originals - CANDICE Dress (SWANK)

Jewellery: [Heartsdale Jewellery] - Nimue Collection (SWANK)

Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - BODY 2020 FALLEN bom skin CARAMEL (eBENTO)

Hair:  TRUTH - Friday 

Pose:  Diversion - Spring Glow


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