Getting Away

This is camping.  It is quiet.  It is not peopley and I have the luxuries of home.  I can even order pizza when I don't feel like cooking. 

A holiday to me is not going away and cooking with fewer amenities than at home.  A holiday to me is a break from cooking.  

I also don't get 'getting away from it all' to go camping with 1,000 other people.  This little camping ground holds about 20 people maximum.  Bevan and Sheryl are in the teal camper and Steve and Penny are in the beige one.  They are cool people and are very quiet.  Just as it should be.  Now shhhh, I have reading to do.

Also, this pic is a wee sneak peek for my May BOSL article and photos, although slightly modified.  You will get to see the rest of the camp ground in those!

Trompe Loeil - Jetje:  Vintage Camper Open PG, Vintage Camper Closed, Vintage Camper Awning + Lights,  Vintage Camp Chair (Alpha Event - Opens 22nd April)

[CIRCA] - "Highland Meadow" Tree w/ Field Flowers - Spring (L & S), "Highland Meadow" Flower Grass Round A - Orange (Lrg), Flower Patch & Bushes A - Yellow, Tree w/ Field Flowers - Pink (S), Flower Patch & Bushes A - Blue, "Highland Meadow" Stone Path Light Grey 

Trompe Loeil  -Moosehead Lake Firepit

{what next} Pizza Time, Vacanza Scooter, Caliente BBQ (blue)

ACORN - Bicycle -Peacock

{moss&mink} - Blankets and Books basket

MadPea - Pontoon Racer - Dark Blue

[SURPLUS MOTORS] - Tento-mushi v7.0

MishMish - Mini Summer Fridge (mint)


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