Dinner's Ready!


Dinner's ready!  We have sliders, slush bowls, and fruity kebabs.  You can also grab a drink and some icecream to go with.  Condiments are on the table.  Please do not put mustard or tomato sauce on the fruit or you will be evicted from the party.

Please shower before using the pool. 

NOTE:  The Fruity Bobs and Slush Bowls are made to be held.  I made them decor so you could see them without me needing to be in the pic!  There is also a hold version of the Sliders.

BTW - Bigger Burger Slider Platter (The Vault)

BTW - Fruity Bobs Set  (The Vault)

BTW - Slush Bowl Set (The Vault)

KraftWork - Ice Cream Machine (dispenser), Romantic Soiree Pallet Table

{what next} - Soda Bottle Decor

.peaches. Summer Gather - Condiments

CHEZ MOI - Beanbag Float (PG)

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