Tea or Coffee?

Tea or coffee?  Also do you want toast and jam or cereal?  I may even have some pastries and croissants if you prefer them. 

Actually, if I lay them all out, you can help yourself to whatever you want.  I will put the jug on for the hot water.  I even have a coffee maker here somewhere.  No instant coffee in this house!  Ewww.  


Eclectica- Vintage Electric Jug - click on jug to get cups as shown (SWANK)

Eclectica- Vintage Electric Toaster - click on toaster to get toast as shown (SWANK)

Serenity Style - Spring Colors Breakfast Tray 

KraftWork - Fridge Clutter . Milk Bottle 

Muniick - Wickman Yellow Daisies in Tin Jug

{Your Dreams} - Mclane kitchen - Jug of succulents and lavender

{vespertine} - woodland owly utensil jar

.peaches. - Bee Sweet Tea Set - Tea Bag Clutter

Nutmeg. - Citrus Harvest Jam / 1


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