The weather is changing and so is the natural world around us.  The leaves are changing colour, the air is cooler, and the nights are longer.  Well, in SL and some of the world it sure is.

In Aryaland the days are getting longer, the grass is growing and we have lambs frolicking in the paddocks.  I do enjoy spring, but it does mean that summer is coming and THAT I dread.

I will just enjoy SL and I will go to the 7th Anniversary of the SWANK event.  There are FREE gifts!  Go, go!

Serenity Style - Penny Autumn Shed (Wanderlust - this weekend sneak peek)

[Harshlands] - Mushroom Patches (SWANK)

Little Branch - WildOakTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons, 

Lagom - Wall laundry line [ Neutral ]`

{what next} - 'Hello Spring' - Mini Tree (lit), Welcome Mat - with leaves

22769 - Wheelbarrow

Serenity Style - The Gardener Corner RAKE

DRD - L'Ataraxie

.peaches. - Emberly Fall Bench - With Blanket - PG (maple)


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