And So It Begins

I am so behind the eight ball this year.  Normally I start my Halloween posts in late September, but RL has been such a pain of late and I am very grumpy about it.  It has delayed the goodness of the season.  

However, I will make up for it with quality and ensure that you get your fill of Halloween items before the end of the month.  You know I will.

Bring it on.

Serenity Style - Grimelda The witch of the forest (New Item)

Serenity Style - Witch Cauldron (MadPea Hunt)

Serenity Style - The Crypt (Satan Inc)

MOoH! - Creepy Eye Planters (Trick or Treat Lane)

{what next} - Pumpkin Pathway Lanterns (Free Gift - Halloween Shop and Hop)

(Fundati) - Hallow Beast Tree II w/skeleton

Magnetic - Burnt Trees // Falling Ashes 


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