Sleep Tight

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

Lucky for you there are no bedbugs in this bed or in Second Life. This is a bug free zone!  

However, this is also a hunt item zone.  Apart from the bed, most of these items are in the HomeStuff Hunt. It is time to get your hunting shoes on and get running over to the start of the hunt which is riiiiiigggggtttttt HERE.

What are you still doing here then?  

Oh wait...SWANK is underway too so make sure you teleport on over there when you have all the hunt goodies.

CHEZ MOI - Yara Rattan Bed (PG)

@home - papasan - grey tartan (HomeStuff Hunt)

Opi Store - Tatsy Curtain Black (HomeStuff Hunt)

Laminak  - Floor Lamp - Dark Oak - Grey Gold - from pack of 3 (HomeStuff Hunt)

[QE Home] - Autumn Wall Art & Antique Throw Rug (HomeStuff Hunt)

HAWKER'S HOUSE - Chaffee Pallet Wall Shelf Autumn (HomeStuff Hunt)

StoraxTree - Explore Wall Art B, Antique Table Lantern Bicycle B (SWANK)


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