Skating time again and you know I love doing these 'action' shots.  It is what I wish I could do, but never will!  Is like poetry in motion.   I also love the sound of the skates.  

These skates are amazing.  They come with an AO and Trick Hud so you will look like a professional. I have been skating around SL in these and I am apologising in advance for scratching up all of the lovely store floors!

I even went dancing in them!

Dress:  [lf design] - Cometa (SWANK)

Skates:  AvaGirl - Unisex Ice Skates + AO & Trick Hud (SWANK)

Hair:  no.match_ ~ NO_FANTASY ~ Pack of BLONDS 

Pose:  {NANTRA} - Going for Gold


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