Cosy in Here

It might be cold and snowing outside, but in here it is warm and cosy*.  I have a fire place and a few choices of places to sit and read.  I also have a great view here, but you won't be able to see that.  You just have to trust me.

Since you are up, could you bring me some crackers, cheese and a glass of bubbly?  You can join me if you want.  Grab the swing seat.

Also, SWANK is open for this month and you need to get on over there and get all the good stuff before it is gone.  Kidding.  There is plenty for everything.

*Yes, I spelled 'cosy' correctly.  I am from Aryaland remember.

LouChara - Winter Boho Living Room (Beauty Event)

Sparrow's Nest -Winter Calm Time Fire Place (SWANK)

.:Tm:.Creation - ~v1.c Potted Amaryllis Plant Clay GP59.c  (SWANK)

Enchanted Fantasy - Midwinter Hanging Glass Ornament White Flowers & Butterfly (SWANK)

StoraxTree - Prickly Puss C Planter C8 (SWANK)

[Merak] - Speaker with Headphones V1 (White)

Black . Sand - Ganso Hanging Chair  -LIGHT- (Decor Only) B, Ganso Plant Tree Green Leaves


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