Running Up That Hill


Now, when I say "running up that hill", what I really mean is 'struggling up that hill while complaining and sweating enough to fill buckets' but that would be a pretty long blog title.  

In RL if someone asks me to go for a walk up the hill, my reply is "Did you say up?  Then, no."

I think you get the picture.

However, in SL I can run up hills and look dang good doing it!

Lucky for me, this round of SWANK has started (7th Feb) and I can get out and about looking all athletic while on my way to find coffee and a doughnut.

Hoodie:  Loordes of London - Zen Hoodie A12 (SWANK)

Leggings:  Loordes of London - Zen Leggings A12 (SWANK)

Sneakers:  Loordes of London - Zen Sneaker A12 (SWANK)

Hair/Hat:  TRUTH -VIP April - Jacica 

Pose:  HelaMiyo - Walk

Sim:  Highland Retreat

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