Storage Galore


There is so much storage in this fabulous kitchen that you will have room for everything and the kitchen sink. Literally.  In fact you could probably store another kitchen sink in there somewhere.  Not sure why, but you could.

I am showing you a few items from SWANK today because I have been all about the fashion lately and these items need to be seen.

LouChara - Jelica Kitchen Complete Set 

StoraxTree - Wall Art Panels & Potted Plants A2 1, Citrus Planter Grouping B2 1, Afternoon Metal Pitcher Planter A3 1

Sparrows Nest - Country Vase 1

Not at SWANK

Scarlet Creative - Boat Runner Rug Dark 1, Charlotte's Corner House Boat or Cabin - Blue, Scarlet Creative Painswick Panel - Cromarty

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