Did I mention that the theme of this round of SWANK is all about colour?  No?  Well I have now.  You are going to see all the colours of the rainbow over the next few weeks.  Well, maybe not indigo.  I am not even really sure what colour indigo actually is.  Is it blue?  Is it purple?  No idea.

Anyway, today I am wearing red and I even found a wall with red on it to match.  I like to co-ordinate with my environment.

Dress:  [COSMOS] - Viola Summer Dress Colors / 20 Colors Fatpack (SWANK)

Pose:  ARPELS POSE - Model 2.0 (SWANK)

Boots:  MOoH! - Panda boots prints (The Vintage Fair)

Hair:  CHAIN - Leona Hair - Blondes 

Sim:  Tilherya


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