Frog Haven

I seem to be doing a lot of green lately which is okay because I love green, but it also makes it tricky to accessorise as I have already used all my lime green bits!  

Lucky for me, I have frogs.  You can't go wrong with frogs.  I seem to have a lot of frogs and I am good with that. is not easy using green.

Serenity Style - Garden Stone Frog Green GROUP from Garden Stone Frog Set (Wanderlust)

CHEZ MOI - Cosey Chair (Collabor88)

MOoH! - Lanterns Fatpack  - Lantern flower cascade white, Lantern sphere wt base white, Flower wreath lantern white, Lantern drop wt base white

Mithral * Hoya Irina Branch - Pack A (Saturday Sale)

*Artisan Fantasy* - Succulents Boarded - Warm (Wanderlust)

Lagom - Happy little garden frog [ Painted Green ]

Architect. - Porthole Seaweed Green (Bronze)


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