Hello Beautiful

The bag says it all really: Hello beautiful. That means you, my delightful readers.  I am sure there might be at least one of you out there.  Well, I am hopeful.  Sometimes I do think I just do this all for myself, but I also want you to get something out of it too.

I started this blog in 2009. I didn't think I would still be going this many years later, but here we are.  I hope you enjoy my pics and my inane ramblings.  I still have fun doing it, but I will admit there have been times I wanted to stop because of RL pressures. 

However, I have persevered and today I wanted to tell you all (or the one of you) how much I appreciate your support and your visits to my wee blog.  HUGS to you.

Dress:  LUXE Paris - CONGO Dress

Earrings:  JUMO Originals - PRISCILA Earrings 

Eyeshadow:  . Augenweide. - Augenblick 01 - EVOX&ADVX BOM eyeshadows

Lipstick:  . Augenweide. - Lippenbekenntnis 09 EVOX&ADVX HD Lips 

Pose:  Secret Poses - Cloe (Happy Weekend)

Hair:  Truth - Sunny

Sim:  Cailou


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