Tea Nook

Time for tea.  Anyone want a cup?  Take a seat. I will just go put the kettle on for another pot.  Do you take lemon, sugar, or milk?  

I might even be able to rustle up some cake or biscuits if we are really lucky.  Depends on whether I can remember where I hid the tin.  

CHEZ MOI - Pallawan Patio Set (Cosmopolitan)

MOoH! - Round jute rug mid

Micsha - Decor Wood Brown Beer Flowers

.:YouNeed:. - Guitar wall decor LIGHTWOOD

Apple Fall - Lemon Soiree - Canvas Tote w/ Lemons, Aspidistra in Wicker Planter

[Merak] - Bamboo Tray, Palm Plant

CONCEPT - Sevilla. Big Pot

crate - Octagon Wall Shelf

Scarlet Creative - Barton Blind


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