Seems Safe

This place seems safe for trick or treating, right?  I mean there are vultures in the birdbath and the water in it looks like blood, but that will be just decorations surely.  Also, those gravestones are fake aren't they?  There isn't really a graveyard here is there?  

They really did go all out on the Halloween décor, but I am sure it is all just that. 

Mind you, I am pretty sure the little fellow at the entrance to the path just moved closer, and should his eyes be suddenly glowing...

Spargel & Shine Homes - Cottage of Tears 

Hawker's House - Vulturis Sanguinis TWO 

Lilith's Den - Necropolis Walls

.Lunaria. - Spooky Walnut Tree

[Harshlands] - Creepy Well - Moss (Silent)

Magnetic - Pumpkin Urns

What's Lost Spirits - Little Floating Ghost - Animated (Trick or Treat Lane)

Raindale - Ghostgrove Tombstones (Trick or Treat Lane)

tarte - stone path 


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