Chilli Night

I am in love with this kitchen.  I can see myself cooking up a storm here.  In fact, tonight I have made chilli.  Pull up a chair, grab a spoon, and I will grab you a glass of wine or a beer.  Yeah, I think beer would be better with chilli.  It will take the burn off.

The kitchen is from CHEZ MOI and the kitchen and stove come with loads of animations, including stirring food, making pancakes, sauteing, etc.  There are also animations for couples in love and several “wearable” props, such as a kitchen spoon, cutting board, dough, etc

The kitchen island comes with another pile of animations, including cutting potatoes, sandwich making, whisking cake batter, eating, relaxing, chatting, etc.

Go check it out at Cosmopolitan.

CHEZ MOI - Elula Kitchen Set (Cosmopolitan)

{what next} - Chilli  - 2 Piece Set (Fifty Linden Friday)

[Erfe Design] - Home Decor Plant with Pot

{Your Dreams} Rustic Kitchen - Fridge ( Black)

KAZZA - LittleDwellingVegetables - vegetables, wooden spoon, chandelier

MadPea - Espresso Machine, Coffee Beans

hive // wall pot rack . gold

[Merak] - Oatmeal Station

Bazar - Knifes


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