Letter Writing Time

Dear Santa,

I am writing early this year so that I don't miss the post heading to the North Pole. The last few years I have been a bit slow on it and I am pretty sure my letter did not get to you because I did not get the giant cat bed that I requested.  

Also, I realise that there may be some confusion regarding that as the bed is for me, not for my cats.  If you are on Instagram you will have seen the ones I mean.  I would like the giant white one but I would also accept the black one as a backup.  

I would also like the matching furniture if possible, but I understand if this is tricky to get on the sleigh. 

Anyway, I am going to sign off and run this to the post.  Hope this gets to you in time.


PS:  Apologies for the incident involving my cat attacking the reindeer.  I can assure you that he will be locked inside this year.  I hope Dasher has recovered.

Serenity Style - Cute Winter Mailbox

CHEZ MOI - Inflatable Happy Mail (Access)

Blueberry Patch - Full Pine ver5 snow *


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