There is a lot of sickness going around at the moment and I do NOT want to get Covid for the 3rd time.  So, you may want to give me a hug or come into my space and say hi, but I am saying, "NOPE!" to all of that.  

Step away from Arya.  I will not be held responsible for spraying you with disinfectant and a hand sanitiser if you come any closer.  

I may look fluey in this pic, but it is just the cold and I am keeping it that way.

On a more positive note, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  I enjoyed being with family, but I am glad to be home!

Jacket:  MOoH! - Alaska coat (Advent Item now for sale)

Tights:  Lagom - BOM Leggings [ Knits ]

Longsleeve:  Izzie's - Basic Longsleeve Appliers 

Makeup:  THIS IS WRONG - The Cold Kit

Hat/Hair:  Lamb. - Wolf Redux - Light Blonde Pack

Pose:  HERA - Winter is Here


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