Sled with Fred

Fred and I have rummaged around in the barn and found the old sled.  We are heading up the hill to find a good spot to slide down.  Fred loves this.  He can even drag the sled back up the hill ready for his next turn.  He is a good boy!

I hope you have noticed that this post is fashion oriented.  I have taken a wee home and garden pause while I set up the next lot of scenes to take pics.  It takes a while to do those shots so I will sort some today and get them out to you this week.

It is also a respite from cleaning the oven in RL which I hate with a passion.

Outfit:  MOoH! - Christie outfit (Chronicles of Winter Hunt - This is a sim based hunt with several hunt items hidden in the snow and trees. MOoH! Has 4 items with full 5 colour huds.)

Tights:  friday - Knit Stockings

Hair/Earmuffs: Wasabi // Oakley Earmuffs Ed. Hair - Absolute Pack

Dog:  JIAN - Holiday Wreath Newfie Pewf Companion

Pose:  SAPA - Sled

Backdrop:  SYNNERGY.TAVIS - Saanichton Tree Farm {360} Backdrop (Advent Gift for Group Members)


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