Writing Cards

It is Christmas card writing time in my house and normally that means I am very grumpy as I never know what to write, but this year to save me from tears (did you see what I did there?) I am using AI to write them for me.  Much easier and is going to save me hours.

Now I just have to remember to post them.  One year I did write them all, put them in envelopes, addressed them, put postage on them and then forgot to send them.  I found them a month after Christmas, so I just saved them for the following Christmas!

[Park Place] Carrick Loveseat Set (SWANK)

Hawker's House - Chalkboard Shutters (SWANK)

{what next} - Christmas Blend Cocoa Tray

LOVE - Letters to Santa Christmas Tree with Pot, Mantle Garland

Myrrine - Christmas selection sheets tree

CHAI - Festive Pine Lounge Basket1


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