All of the items you can see in this photo today are from Erfe Design.  I have been blogging for this fab store for a wee while now and love their stylish and unique designs.  

Todays items fit that description so well and I am loving all of the curves in the furniture today.  This is the Sophia Livingroom Set and I am showing the adult version. In this set you will find the Corner Sofa, Armchair, Middle Table-Carpet, Near Table and Wall Decor. You will find these items at the mainstore or on Marketplace.

I am also showing you the Gridal Wall panels in Cream.  They also come in brown, black, green, and white so you can choose the ones that match your home.

I have added some other Erfe Design items to the scene too and they are listed below.

Amazon Plant
Cotton Decorative Set 7 Pcs
Home Decor Plant
Illussion Plaster Wall Frame


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