I'm Baaack

Yep, I am back. Not sure for how long, but since Arya dragged me back, made me pimp my avi and did the skate pic, I thought I would see what is new in SL since I was last here.

Turns out, a lot has changed.  I grabbed the new LeLUTKA Kris head in the 12 Days of Christmas event, but then discovered that the store that made my old mesh body no longer exists, so I had to do a bit of research and find a new one.  

I read a few reviews and then went and trialed some before settling on Jake from Belleza. I teamed that up with the Nils shape from VENDETTA (12 Days of Christmas).

Course, that also meant my old skins were void as they were not made for the LeLUTKA system so I had to shop for a new one of those too. The body one I am wearing is from Not Found and the face one is from IVES (12 Days of Christmas).

Then after all that, none of my old clothes fit the new body so they all went in the trash and I went in search of a whole new wardrobe.  Lucky for me that Man Cave has a whole pile of gifts for group members cos I am pretty broke from all the other stuff!  I am showing you a few items today. In fact everything I am wearing is from that event. Go join the group and look for the cannisters above each booth. 

Next job is to update my poses, but I did find one that was okay. 

Pants:  Varsity - Alef Pants - WHITE and SWEATER - RED

Sneakers:  GUTCHI - BSKT Sneakers M1 //REDs*

Beanie:  Chuck's - Travis Beanie Anti Social 

Beard:  Not Found - Teo Beard (EVOX)

Tattoo:  KaoS - .:: > Reborn from the Ashes < ::.

Scar:  UNLEASH - scars face tattoo // EVO X 

NOTE:  Posting under Arya's name because I can't remember my account password.  

Sim:  Natthimmel


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