What an Entrance

This is the perfect entrance to a home.  You come in the door, kick off your boots, make yourself a coffee and sit in the last of the sunshine for the day as it beams through the door, heated by the glass. What could be more perfect.  Yes, someone to greet you. A cat. I wish I had thought to put one in this scene. Dang.

EDIT:  I apologise for the lack of detail on this post prior to the edit!  I have been so busy in RL and I did not give credit to these two amazing designers like I should have, so here is the revision! My apologies to Bambi and Winter!

The Oh Deer! Traveller's Hallway is currently at Uber and contains the bench, cane holder, carpet basket, suitcase, and hanger.  The set also contains a choice of boot colours and options for the wall light depending on your lighting needs.  I picked the blue boots and wall lamp off as part of this overall look.  This is a fabulous add to the entranceway of your home so hop on over to Uber and check it out for yourself.

The {what next} Gia Coffee Bar is currently at ACCESS  and comes with options for PBR and non-PBR items depending on whether you have the correct viewer or not.  The set comes with all the items you see here except for the house plants which you can find at the {what next} mainstore.  The coffee machine even dispenses drinks and you can grab a muffin to hold as well.  The hutch comes in different colours and I am showing you the blue one today.

Scarlet Creative - Boat Runner Rug Dark

KraftWork - Sienna's American Pleat Curtain 


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