A View of Spring

HUGE apologies from all of us here at Arya's Heart for the lack of posts over Easter.  We all had so much going on that no one actually posted at all.  I think we all hoped the other person would do it, but no one did.

We will make up for it this week, I promise you, as we all have a lot to catch up on and I know that I have HEAPS to show you.

Let's start with some furniture from some of my fav stores!

The gorgeous Dania Living Room set is from CHEZ MOI and comes with the carpet, couch, chairs, stool, coffee table, books, décor, and décor vases. This set was at Cosmopolitan, but is now back in the mainstore and ready for your viewing. 

It has a texture change hud so you can get the couch, chair and cushions looking just as you want them, as well as a whole pile of animations for all of your needs with rezzing props to have you sitting in style.  Easy as that!

The Bubble Lamps are from Oh Deer! and each one is a different shape so you can place them however you want to give any room that finishing touch.  I used the cluster arrangement that came in the pack so I could show you them all at once.

Lastly, we have the Parlor Palm set from Erfe Design.  I am showing you the Dark Green, Light Green and Nature palms which come in HQ and Low LOD. These are the HQ ones. These palms are the perfect accessories for any room that needs some nature added! 

I set up this scene in the Trompe Loeil - Juneau Mountain Cabin which you can find at Uber.


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