Bunnies and Bees

No, not birds and bees although, to be honest, bunnies and bees make more sense if you think about it.  I mean, bunnies are known for their reproductive prowess after all. Birds?  Not so much.  I have never really understood the analogy.

But I digress...

The scene today is made up of a few items from SWANK and the creative designers over there have gone all out this round to bring you some truly gorgeous items.  There are a whole lot of interior pieces, but I decided to get the ball rolling with the exterior bits.

The SUNRISE - Canopy with family rabbits is the central piece to this scene and comes as an all-in-one item with the wee canopy, trees either side, and the grassed area with the cute bunnies.  Imagine this in your yard.  Is a scene all on its own.

However, I teamed it up with these very pretty Iris Wildflowers from .:Tm:.Creation that come in big round or line formations.  Such a simple way to add a burst of colour to your spring garden. No fuss gardening!

On the canopy I have hung the Early Buzzy Bee Planter from Sparrows Nest which is perfect for adding some texture and colour to any wall, fence or shed.  A lovely piece of décor and easy to hang and use.

The last SWANK piece is from Useless Addiction and is the Philodendron Plant Stand. I will be using this in the future on patio areas to add a touch of greenery, but it was also great here as it stands out among the flowers.  They also have a hanging basket version without the stand if that is more your style.

Magnetic - Waterfall Duck Pond

Botanical - Wood Park Bench


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