Come Hither

Come hither, take my hand.  I promise I won't drag you into the sea.  Okay, I may have lied about that.  It is totally my plan and it will be hilarious. Well, it will be hilarious for me, maybe not you.

Of course, I do not want to get wet really because I am wearing this super smexy Belted Skirt from MEVA and I was planning to wear it dancing later.  I topped it off (see what I did there?) with this bikini top also from MEVA which is from the Ocean Bikini set I posted last year.  Super cute!

Go check out the demo for the skirt and then grab it at the MEVA mainstore.  While you are there, get the bikini set too.  Well worth it.

My pose is a new one from Nantra Poses and is aptly called 'Come Hither'.  I am loving this set and will be making use of all of the poses!  I could be calling you over for some juicy gossip or to lure you into a trap that will end up with you in the sea. You will never know until the last second. Go grab the whole set at N21.

Hair:  Nova. Quest // Natural Kit (LEVEL)


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